Other Dispute Resolution Resources

Community Dispute Resolution Centers

People often find themselves in conflicts with others and are unsure where to turn for help. Many of these disputes do not require the involvement of the legal system, or may be inappropriate for resolution through adversarial processes. What is needed is the opportunity for disputing parties to talk together, listen to one another, and come up with agreements that they can each support.

Community Dispute Resolution Centers (CDRCs) are providing Oregonians with just such opportunities to resolve conflicts through mediation and other facilitated processes. Centers may respond to youth and family problems, landlord-tenant disagreements, neighborhood disputes, consumer and business conflicts, or the need for victims and offenders to reach restitution agreements or come to new understandings. Click on the link below to access a list of Community Dispute Resolution Centers which provide a range of services, including mediation of neighborhood disagreements, youth and family conflicts, housing and small claims disputes, victim/offender issues, as well as school and community education in conflict resolution.

Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolution Programs

Academic Programs

University of Oregon Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center

Marylhurst University Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Portland State University Department of Conflict Resolution

University of Oregon Master’s Degree Program in Conflict Dispute and Resolution

Willamette Center for Dispute Resolution

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