State Agency ADR Programs

Oregon Department of Justice Appropriate Dispute Resolution

Oregon Department of Justice Foreclosure Avoidance Program

Oregon State Agency Mediation Confidentiality Rules

Oregon Consensus Program

See Human Services below

Farm Mediation Program

Child Welfare
See Human Services below

Construction Contractors Board
Contract Dispute Resolution Services

Consumer and Business Services
Ombudsman for Injured Workers
Workers Compensation Divison Dispute Resolution

Serious and Violent Crime Facilitated Dialogue Program

Dispute Resolution Services

Adoption and Child Welfare Mediation
Openness and Post-Adoption Communication Through Legal Assistance Mediation Services

Employment Department
Employment Relations Board
Conciliation Service Office
Grievance Mediation
Unfair Labor Practices Mediation

Farm Mediation
See Agriculture Department above

Housing and Community Services
Manufactured Communities Resource Center

Human Services
Adoption and Child Welfare Mediation
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Klamath Basin
See Water Resources below

Land Use Board of Appeals
Mediation for Land Use Appeals

Oregon Patient Safety Commission
Task Force on Resolution of Adverse Health Care Incidents

Public Utilities Commission
Consumer Complaint Procedures
Settlement Guidelines and Mediation

Construction Contracts Dispute Resolution Program

Water Resources
Klamath Basin Adjudication/ADR

Workers Compensation
See Consumer and Business Services above